Responsive Planning

Responding to the Community

CUSD has been working to sell La Puerta for nearly a decade to fund critical educational needs in Claremont. However, two separate proposals were withdrawn in 2014 and 2015 after some raised concerns about redeveloping the site. Trumark Homes has studied these plans and proactively planned the site to respond to many of these issues, while still helping to realize the benefits made possible by La Puerta’s sale.

Concern Old Plans The New Plan
Setbacks & Views Minimal setbacks from existing homes Increased property line setbacks to about 65’ from adjacent homes; distances from existing homes to proposed homes will be between 90′ and more than 110′
Public Access Private gate blocked public access to park and community No gates; site is open and increases park access for neighbors, especially along Forbes Ave.; large perimeter walls were also removed to ensure an open feel
New Sports Park Parking Placed nearly 50 parking stalls adjacent to existing homes Places new park parking within new community and away from existing homes, buffers and streets
Affordability No affordable units 15% of homes to include Claremont’s first affordable Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
Sports Parks No sports park improvements This plan makes possible the expansion of soccer fields and practice areas at La Puerta Sports Park while also creating among the first dedicated girls softball facilities at Cahuilla Sports Park – all at Trumark’s cost, not taxpayers or sports leagues